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bonnie and student jillian discover painting techniques



Only water based, non-toxic, materials including
pencil, colored pencil, marker, pastel, watercolor,
tempera and acrylic paint and papers are provided
to the students. Classes are offered in the fall, winter
and the spring. There are four age levels of art courses:

LET ART BEGIN: An introduction to drawing and painting using shapes and lines. Color mixing and painting techniques will be taught to encourage children on their creative journey.

READY FOR ART (schedule & rates) is for young
artists in grades 1 to 3. Artists are taught how to
draw and paint from objects they can see and feel
so they can understand shape, proportion
and spatial relationships.

GIVE ME ART (schedule & rates) is for artists in
grades 4 to 6. Artists learn perspective and
shading and how to work from photo references
to give their work a three dimensional quality.

YOU GOTTA HAVE ART (schedule & rates) is for
artists in grades 7 and 8. Created for artists
looking to take their creative development to the
next level nurturing their own sense of style.

FOREVER ART (schedule & rates) is for artists in
grades 9 to 12. Designed for artists considering
advanced study to create an art portfolio for college.

Click here for schedule and rates