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I find joy in creating something from almost any basic material..... fabric, wood, paper, metal, and anything else I find. As a child I began drawing and painting patterns and pictures, and sewing clothes for my dolls. My dad bought me a camera for a family trip to California and I’ve been taking photos ever since - even for this site.

During high school I took every art course available with a very demanding art teacher. He challenged me to do more, and I would sometimes spend every waking moment making my projects exceptional.

I decided to study Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, which provided me with a fabulous opportunity to develop my design and technical skills. I was elected to several campus leadership positions which opened the door to meet creative visionaries and network with leaders in the fashion industry. After graduation, as a fashion designer, I collaborated on many successful fashion lines.

I continued my college studies later, this time in Art Education at Hofstra University.
I had the opportunity to learn sculpture, painting, silk-screening, education and art history. It was an art education class with the most inspiring and challenging professor I ever encountered, that changed my life and made me realize that art education was my calling. This professor instilled a sense of adventure and pride in me that naturally
made me set higher goals for myself and to find a way to use art to make a difference
in the lives of others. I went on to attend Queens College finishing my Masters
Degree in Fine Art Education while teaching full time.

Many of the aspiring artists I taught went on to become graphic, textile, fashion and interior designers. Other students have become architects, industrial designers,
art and special education teachers, illustrators, painters, and entrepreneurs.

To this day, I continue to take courses, add new art books to my library and
collect inspiration from museum and gallery visits.